Sathi Savitri. 3

My article about ‘Sati Savitri ‘movie matter last page
‘సతీ సావిత్రి ‘సినిమాల గురించి విశాలాక్షి డిసెంబర్ 2018 సంచికలో నా వ్యాసం.3 వ పేజీ


About vskesavarao

I am a Telugu Journalist. I started career as a Journalist 1976 in Andhrapatrika Daily. I am one of the founder member in the Editorial Board of Andhra Bhoomi Illustrated Weekly after February 1977.Latter I worked in Venditera Film weekly. I joined in Chitrabhoomi Film Weekly during 1980 of Kakatiya Publications, Hyderabad. It's Publisher is Mr.D.Bheem Reddy. We brought Aadivaram a Socio Political weekly &and Mayuri Illustrated weekly from this Organisation. I worked for this organisation in Hyderabad &and Madras upto 1983. Later I Joined in EENADU daily and worked until April 1984. Then joined again in Chitrabhoomi. Afterwards ie., during 1986 I joined in Andhraprabha daily in Hyderabad. Madras edition started after a long time and I was sent to Madras., Hyderabad as my headquarters.I worked for Vijayachitra a Film Monthly & Film Tradeguide weekly in Madras until1994.Afterwards I came to Hyderabad and joined in Andhraprabha telugu Daily. Now I am Editor in Charge for Chitraprabha a Thursday Film suppliment of Andhraprabha Daily from 2007.
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